'"Galaxy-Eyes Sealed!? A Cosmic Level Number Appears!" is the fifety-fifth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on May 14th, 2012.


Kite leaves V after which he calls Chris briefly what seems to be V's real name. Kite remembers his last farewell and wonders why everything had to just end this way. Mr. Heartland, meanwhile, has tampered with the monitor so that no one can watch the matches in the stadium between the number-makers and his men. Bronk & Co. suggests that something strange is going on. Meanwhile, Orbital 7 has committed search for Kite because he makes too much worry. So the little robot will fly wildly determined in the underground zone.

There goes Yuma still around like a mad to find an opponent to be for 1vs1 duel. Astral and Tori try to make it clear that he should be careful otherwise it begins to descend in a case point. Suddenly something breaks through the ceiling and falls in Yuma's Duel Coaster. It was Orbital 7 surprising to see Yuma and Tori, which is due to reciprocity. Orbital 7 stated that he was in search for Kite Yuma think that he should leave a message to Kite from Droite. Yuma agrees to Orbital 7 and wants to bring the robot to tell them the way.

Meanwhile, in the space field are now faced with Kite and V. The Space-box looks like the space in the center of the sun hovers. Kite and V are on some kind of spaceship.Vknew that one day would come a day where he would fight Kite. He remembers back to the day that he found "the truth" and stared at he with an evil eye the sleeping Hart Tenjo. That day was wrapped V's Heart of revenge and hatred. He took his bag and recite on the night of the Heartland Tower. Kite is in turn of course, still angry that V is responsible for Harrt's state and wants him to account. Then both started their duel.

V says he'll take the first turn. He Normal Summons "Planet Pathfinder" and Special Summons "Solar Wind Jammer" from his hand via its own effect by halving its ATK. He activates "Tannhäuser Gate" and explains that it lets him change the Levels of two his monsters to their combined total. He changes the Level 4 "Planet Pathfinder" and the Level 5 "Solar Wind Jammer" to Level 9. Kite says he has two Level 9 monsters. V overlays them to Xyz Summon "Number 9: Canopy Star - Dyson Sphere" in Attack Position. The monster fails to appear though and Kite asks where it is. V ignores him and explains the effect of the Duel Field, "Cosmic Frontier". When a player Xyz Summons, they draw a card. V Sets a card and ends his turn, with Kite again questioning where his monster is. V asks him what's wrong and tells him its his turn. Kite thinks that even if the monster can't be seen, its still there as a Summon was declared. He Normal Summons "Photon Delta Wing". He orders it to attack with "Photon Missile". The missiles miss V and are absorbed by a black hole behind him. V apologizes, saying his attacks can't reach him. He asks if that will be all and begins his turn.

Yuma & Co. have now reached the space field. Yuma, however, has lost control of his Duel Coaster and falls with Tori and Orbital 7 again in spaceship between Kite and V. Yuma immediately when he sees Kite and told him the Dorite was defeated by Tron. He explained everything about Dorite, where Kite had nevertheless lost everything. However, the fact that Kite answers that he is not interested. Yuma is angry because of those words and grabs Kite's collar.

At the moment it seems that now that V also Kazuma's son here it was probably a twist of fate was. Yuma turns away from Kite because he wants to ask V where his father was. V says that it probably was not a problem at the moment the duel to pause briefly, and Yuma wants to tell everything what he advanced. Kite not interest in V's stories, but he wants to end the duel. V, however, explains that Kite should listen to this story calmly explained why they participate in V and his family on the World Duel Carnival, what is the relationship between their families and why they had kidnapped Hart. This all leads to that is none other than Kite's father, Dr. Faker. Yuma is surprised that Dr. Faker had heard of the not particularly good, his Kite's father.

V begins his story. V explains that five years earlier, Kite's father Faker and V's own father, Byron were conducting research about opening the doorway to other dimensions. They worked from Heartland Tower. Faker says they found dimensional distortions all around the world, but he can't pinpoint their exact location. He angrily slams his hands onto his keyboard. Byron appears behind him with a drink and tells him drink it and calm down a bit. Faker turns and knocks the drink from Byron's hands, with the mug falling to the floor and shattering. He says he has no time to do that - he must find the door to the other dimensions. Byron tells him there is one other person attempting to find that doorway. V is standing at another console and he tells him to bring up that person's image, calling V "Chris". Byron says he's an interesting man - an adventurer named Kazuma Tsukumo. Kazuma sits on a rock in the desert, watching the sunset. He says its peaceful and that no one should bother him here. A helicopter appears overhead and he guesses he was wrong. Kazuma enters Heartland Tower with Chris and complements the amazing equipment they have. Byron thanks him for coming so quickly and shakes his hand, introducing himself as Byron Arclight. Kazuma says they have a gravity wave map and an electromagnetic wave map, both very impressive. Faker yells he has no time - he analyzed all the distortions and still can't find it - something has to be missing. Byron asks for Kazuma's opinion about the door's location. Kazuma steps forward and says finding the door will change mankind's history and make those that discover it rich and famous. Faker says he has no need for either of those things, he simply must find the door. Kazuma smiles and says he feels relieved to hear that. Kazuma says what interests him about the door is its potential for a real adventure. Byron asks if that was a test, then. Faker tells Kazuma to look at the electromagnetic wave map. He explains that after the appearance of the doorway, he found odd phenomenons in twenty-one places around the world. He says he was positive he could determine the next place the door would appear if he analyzed those places. Kazuma calls it the twenty-first dimensional equation and Faker says there is only one more step. Kazuma says he's missing something. Faker says that's impossible, but Kazuma clarifies that there are not only twenty-one locations. He says that by just sitting around in a lab, they've missed some things. He reveals there are twenty-three locations, meaning there are two more. Kazuma says the true answer if the twenty-third dimensional equation.