Template:Infobox1 "Tag Duel of Hell! Fiendish Hero IV" is the thirty-third episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on November 28, 2011.

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IV raises Profiles of Duelists participating in the World Duel Carnival ​​flying in the air and pinning some of its cards, which raises them firmly to the next door. Bronk Stone and Caswell are duelist including IV and says that this would be his opponent today, then, that he well give them a very special "Fanservice". V, which is reading a book, finds it distasteful that of IV, he challenges his fans to a duel in order to let them go through a hellish experience. IV declared that he had his fans no matter what because he has a ton of terrible and all duelists are. V then gleefully says that it is also not easy to collect Number cards. V then says that IV then hold more thought should make it. IV tells him again that V should then try to collect even number cards. What this says that it was not yet time for him to take action. IV can be provoked by and asks if this could be interpreted as indicating that V looks at it as his subordinates. If this is the case they should settle the whole thing right here and now. III comes with a tea service to it, and asks his brothers to settle the dispute. III, IV, wants to get out there and holds Tron comes to where he just goes down the stairs. Tron also believes that too much would have said, and IV should not forget his noble heart. IV asks whether this means that he is here about the Troublemaker. V is on then goes on to say that IV and, furious that he can not tolerate it when someone speaks disrespectfully Tron. IV, has still angry understood. V then pinned to a card with those of the IV data of the duelists has. He takes a card and throws it to III. He wonders whether his commission know that this number card to hand over Shark. III knows this and understands. V says that Shark is certainly to meet him and to avenge himself on IV, why should not deviate from IV's page.

After IV and III are out there looking for the Heartland Tower, and says that he will be take everything from Dr. Faker as it has taken them all. Tron and V, however, admonished to know Dr. Faker can not be that he was still alive. Finally, Dr. Faker think that Tron is dead, wherefore it was also his job to prove him wrong.

In the city pops up a large hologram of Mr. Heartland of the second day of the Duel World Carnival's official opening.

Featured DuelEdit

Bronk vs. Caswell vs. IVEdit

Turn One: Bronk

He Normal Summons Aye-Iron in attack mode (1600/1800). Due to the Battle Royal rules, he is forced to end his turn.

Turn Two: Caswell

He Normal Summons Debugger X in attack mode (900/9000. Due to the Battle Royal rules, he is forced to end his turn.

Turn Three: IV

He sets Gimmick Puppet - Baby Face in face-down defense position (00/00) and afterwards, places two cards facedown. Next, he activates the Field Spell, XYZ Colosseum from his hand. It's effect boost all XYZ Monster's attack by 200 and only XYZ monsters can declare an attack. Due to the Battle Royal rules, he is forced to end his turn.

Turn Four: Bronk

He Normal Summons Tin Goldfish in attack mode (800/2000). Tin Goldfish's effect is then activated. Since Bronk had another Tin Goldfish in his hand, he was allowed to Speical Summon it in Attack Mode (800/2000). Next he overlays his three Level 4 monsters to XYZ Summon Tinplate Archduke in attack mode (2200/1200). Tinplate Archduke then gains 200 Attack Points due to the effect of XYZ Colosseum (2200→2400). Next, by detaching one Overlay Unit, he changes the battle position of IV's face down monster, Gimmick Puppet - Baby Face, into face-up Attack Mode. He enters his Battle Phase. Bronk attacks Gimmick Puppet - Baby Face with Tinplate Archduke, destroying IV's monster and he takes damage (4000 →1600 LP). IV counters Bronk's attack by activating Repair Puppet . Since a Level 4 or below Monster was destoryed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, he can Special Summon Gimmick Puppet - Baby Face in Defense Mode. (00/00). During his Main Phase 2, Bronk activates Tinplate Archduke's effect, by detaching an Overlay Unit.he switches Gimmick Puppet - Baby Face into Attack Mode.

Turn Five: Caswell

He Normal Summons Debugger Z (700/1200) and activates its effect, allowing him to Special Summon Debugger Y from his deck (400/1500). Next, he overlays his Three Level 3 Monsters to XYZ Summon Vaccinegal in Attack Mode.