Template:Infobox1"Let the Duels Begin!", called "Begin! World Duel Carnival!" in Japan, is the twenty-sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on October 10, 2011 and in America on August 25, 2012.


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Early in the morning outside his home, Yuma runs up and down, because he is waiting in vain for someone. Astral asked what Yuma is waiting on. Yuma says he is wating on mailman, then mailman passes by. Yuma running behind the same, and imagines his scooter so this stops. Yuma asks for if there is something for him what the mailman looks again at his list and must deny this. Yuma can not believe it and is immediately crushed. Later in the school seems to be full of energy and [[|Bronk Stone|Bronk]] joyfully welcomed his classmates. Tori asks Bronk what is going on, on its D-pad, it soon begins to show, the tournament:World Duel Carnival. Caswell says that from the preliminary rounds take place tomorrow and the winner of a debt will never again have the title Dueling Champion. Flip comes in and adds that Mr. Heartland also Grants any wish to the winner no matter what it is. Flip wants to wins, to wish for numbers of requests is increased to one hundred. Cathy has her own Heart Piece, so the back so they join in with includes Yuma. Tori wonders whether to join the same about all of them were. Flip confirms this and shows her that they all have something. He pulls from his pocket a Heart Piece. Flip says something like the badge to the tournament. Each Heart piece will then download out.

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By Yuma moment comes, still come down and tells them that he has as well hasn't got one. Yuma bursts into tears and folds on the floor and acting like a baby that has a tantrum. Tori wonders why Yuma has received a Heart Piece and asks whether Astral knows why. This assumes only that it would probably Yuma's of stupidity. Caswell asks her to point to Yuma, or whether he had ever registered. Yuma asks where you would have to registered. He will point to the D-Pad a Website to register. Yuma thought that he would just like to all duelists Heart Piece will be distributed, Bronk think is moronic in the world after all, everyone participating in the tournament. Tori thinks that Yuma sometimes act without thinking, and really should think more. Astral commented that Yuma, on the same unfortunately duel. Yuma wants to make up the application now just quickly, logs on to the website and sends its data. But it has only a few seconds later, a digital Mr. Heartland tell already that the registration period was over. Yuma shocked then ran from the school through the streets of the city.

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After striking a pose similar to the figure in The Scream, he starts to run around, looking for Heart Pieces and runs into Reginald Kastle. Shark asks what is going on what he declared his position in Yuma. Yuma, prompt for whether Reginald would also participate in the tournament. This says no and explains that it is not yet ready to trust himself again as the public. He says, however, he would have found his way of dueling back and smiles. Both say goodbye to each other and then Reginald goes further back. As Reginald leaves, a "Mirror Force" card gets thrown at him. It turns out that his opponent that he faced in the National Tournament, Quatro, threw it at him. Reginald tells Quarto that he isn't entering the World Duel Carnival, so Quatro tells Reginald about what happened during the "incident" in the National Tournament: Quatro purposely had his Deck set up so that Reginald could see it. Reginald wants to Duel, but Quatro says that he has to do it in the tournament.

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A little later in a large building in the city, in a large hall, a child looks with an iron mask (Tron), watches several cartoons on a huge TV at the same time. Quatro comes into the room and explains that he has done what He wanted that Reginald is participating in the tournament. Yet he wonders why Tron is interested in Reginald. Two more people join. Tron, declares that he would need Reginald once they have collected all the Number cards. Quatro said then that this is not matter as long as he can bring him into hell again and laughs evilly.

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Meanwhile, Yuma is trying convince the receptionist that he needs to participate necessarily in the tournament, since he would otherwise die of boredom. Despite small musical interlude can not convince the receptionist but Yuma is still, to the chagrin of his friends not to. Then, many of the Duelists entering the World Duel Carnival are shown arriving to the Heartland, while in the main Headquarters of Heartland, Mr. Heartland, Dextra, and Nistro are checking on the Duelists arriving in Heartland. Nistro is excited about the WDC, and Droite tells him that their job is to watch over the Tournament.

Before a fight starts between the two Mr. Heartland calmed them down. Kite enters the room and asks Mr. Heartland why he was called, and Mr. Heartland tells Kite that he wanted him to see the scenes where Duelists are arriving and tells him that there should be many Duelists that have "Numbers" cards, and that the WDC should involve him collecting the "Numbers" cards, but tells Kite to be careful since many powerful Duelists have arrived. Then Nistro tells Kite that if he is scared, Nistro himself can go collect the "Numbers" instead of Kite. Kite tells Nistro that no one is an enemy of his. Nistro then says Kite is such a good hearted person with a funny face. Dextra tells Dextra to stop, then suddenly on the monitor a worker for Mr. Heartland tells him that there is a boy whose registration was late at the entrance, so Mr. Heartland tells him to send him away, however the worker says the boy claims he won't leave until he gets a heart piece. It is then shown that the boy is Yuma who is holding onto the workers' legs and refusing to leave until he gets a Heart Piece. Kite immediately recognizes Yuma. Mr. Heartland again tells the worker to send him away, but before the worker does so Kite tells Mr. Heartland to let the boy have the right to participate, where he asks Kite if he knows the boy, where Kite says no, but that he has the possibility of having "Numbers". Mr. Heartland asks Kite if he is hiding something from him, and that the other day when the building where Kite and Orbital exploded, where Kite just tells him that the machines in there malfunctioned and that there shouldn't be problems if he collects all the "Numbers", telling Mr. Heartland that he has no need to report every single thing to him. Mr. Heartland agrees with him and Kite goes away. While Kite is heading out, Orbital asks him if he isn't going to report what happened with Yuma Tsukumo, where Kite tells Orbital not to ask anything unnecessary, and thinks to himself that the real enemy of him is Astral, and that he will defeat him at all cost. Orbital asks Kite if he thinks Yuma is his rival, which Kite disagrees and tells him that Yuma is just an idiot.

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Meanwhile, Yuma is still hanging onto the workers in front of the Heartland building and claiming he won't go away until he gets a heart piece. Then suddenly the doors open and Mr. Heartland appears with Dextra and Nistro, with Litterbots trumpeting, where Yuma's friends are surprised to see him face to face. Yuma then calls out to Mr. Heartland by rudely calling him "Old man". Mr. Heartland becomes angry to be called by that name. The workers below try to correct Yuma to call him "Lord Mr. Heartland", but Yuma keeps getting the name wrong. Yuma then tells Mr. Heartland about how he couldn't register for the WDC properly and asks him if he can receive a heart piece, though it shows Mr. Heartland still annoyed by Yuma calling him an old man. Yuma's friends are amused by how rude Yuma is. Mr. Heartland tells Yuma that he has heard about it and that it has reached to his warm heart, and that he will grant his wish and gives Yuma a heart piece, then Mr. Heartland notices the pendant Yuma is wearing and asks him about it, where Yuma tells him that it is an important present that his parents gave him. Mr. Heartland says to himself that he has seen the pendant from before.

In the Evening at bride, Tori asks Yuma that he can finally fulfill the promise he made with his father to become the Dueling Champion. Astral tells Yuma that he must win since the tournament should have many "Numbers" holders. Yuma tells Astral that he doesn't plan on just winning, where Astral asks Yuma why he doesn't plan on fully winning since that would mean Yuma wouldn't be fulfilling the promise he made with his father. Yuma explains to Astral that he has thought to himself for a long time about what Dueling means to him, and that ever since he met Astral, he started to win despite losing all the time before, but when he lost against Reginald and Kite, he understood that he could lose something important from losing for the first time, but he never hated Dueling despite it. He tells Astral that Dueling mean bonds and connection to him, and that Dueling and fighting is different. Astral doesn't want to agree to him since he would disappear if he lost. Yuma tells Astral that he understand how he feels and will do anything to save him, but have realized that there is something exceeding from winning and losing. Astral asks Yuma what he will do about Kite, where Yuma answers that he will lose his soul if he lost, but it won't change his Dueling. Then Tori worries what would happen if Yuma really lost his soul, where Yuma tries to comfort Tori, so she tells Yuma to win at all cost in the tournament, which Yuma promises to.

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In Yuma's key, Astral thinks about Yuma's words that there is something more important than victory or defeat, not from the head. Meanwhile, Yuma and his friends are each respectively rebuilding their decks employs a tournament to prepare.

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Next day, the WDC starts with greetings from Flight shows and parades. Mr. Heartland greets all Duelists and explains the rules regarding the World Duel Carnival. Mr. Heartland then officially opens the World Duel Carnival. Yuma's friends all run off to find opponents, and suddenly out of no where, Kakeru Kunitachi appears with his soccer ball stuck full of Duel Monsters cards, and kicks the ball to find his first opponent, which lands on Yuma's face, where Kakeru challenges Yuma for his first Duel. Template:Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episodes/season 1