Template:Infobox1 "The Destined Duel! Astral VS Kaito" is the twenty-third episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on September 12, 2011 and then in the United States on May 12, 2012.


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Kite has found that Yuma’s key is conjunction with the Number cards and, therefore, steals it from Yuma. But Shark was on his way of get Golden Key which they came to a duel. Although Shark had given everything he could not defend Yuma’s key that was just Astral, and lost duel, the key, and his soul to Kite. When Yuma and his friends entered the place of the duel finally Kite flew, with his prey, just back of it.

Kite re-examined in his hiding by Orbital 7, Golden Key. Orbital wonders why he is really so interested in the key. Kite says that he wants to find out the truth, because he believed that Dr. Faker holds a lot of information.

Meanwhile, Shark was taken to hospital. In Tori says the doctors can’t explain why Shark does not come to consciousness as pure it lacks nothing physically. Yuma said that it is probably because that Shark has lost his soul to Kite. Yuma declares that all of a duel against Kite lost his soul as well as a number card loses in case it was his soul, and Yuma’s key. To make matters worse, the Astral explains Yuma is just inside the key and thus floats in danger. Cathy says that she would find in the case actually only about Shark’s soul and help, no one knows just where it resides. Caswell could be considered Kite is gone somewhere in order to analyze the key, as he has an idea. Meanwhile orbital 7 found that the key reveals a path to another dimension. Kite thought that perhaps could involve the Astral World and wants to open a portal to be robots in this world.

Meanwhile, Yuma and his friends are in school where they ask for help Mr. Kay. Caswell told him that someone has stolen Yuma’s Key and that someone probably has to use a high-performance computer which is why he thought that Mr. Kay could perhaps help them to be hackers. Your teacher is not very enthusiastic about it as it is indeed illegal. Caswell then goes away a bit with him and reminds him that they have been silent that he was to blame for the disaster with the virus attack in the city is responsible, then he was as obsessed with the Number 35. Caswell blackmails his teacher so a few people to tell them if it does not help them. The Professor has to concede defeat and is towed by the children to the computer room. But before even want to go there Yuma and Tori talking with him briefly. You do know that it was about Shark and Astral's life but she does care if Yuma should fight a duel with Kite. But Yuma puts his hand on her shoulder and says that Tori it all would go well. A little later sent Mr. Kay’s Crashbug viruses as Trojan into the network so that they will find the analysis program that examines just Yuma’s key.

Back at Kite’s laboratory, Orbital has not yet figured out how to open the portal as the key to nothing of their world seems to respond. Kite then makes the suggestion that to use "Barrier Light" to use. This is an object from Barian world which they have found and now use for power generation. Orbital 7 agree but would like to know from which machine they want the “Barrier Light " take. Kite tells Orbital to take his own, at least a little bit so he can move around a bit. Reluctantly leads orbital 7 from the command and gives some of his own Barrier Light to Yuma’s key. The key response and opens a portal in front of Kite. Kite thinks now go into the Astral World can jump and, without thinking, and thus goes immediately into the portal in the world where he discovers machine in the key.

At the same time have discovered the hiding place of the Bugman viruses Kite finally and Yuma immediately rushes off to save Astral and Shark.

Again, within the key in the machine Kaito Astral has paid a visit. He knows that the messenger from the astral astral astral world as could be imagined even that Kaito is responsible for the unrest within the key. Kaito wonders where Astral know him again. Astral, declares that he has already fought a duel once. When Kaito sees that Astral has the number of cards in Yuma he realizes that Astral is the actual owner of the card. Astral Kaito asks why he collected the numbers of cards. Kaito wants to turn this knowledge only by Astral. This explains that the numbers of cards are pieces of his memories. Kaito says he in turn collects the cards to unlock the secrets of card numbers, find out the astral world and the Barrier world. Then Kaito asks him to a duel out of the winning numbers all the cards would get the loser. After Kaito has been preparing for battle again with the photon change and Astral is a duel disk has conjured up, light up at the same time at Yuma's deck. Then begins the duel.
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Astral makes the first train and plays a monster face down in defense mode, and a face-down Spell or Trap Card. Astral ended after his train.

Astral has Gogogo Golem, unlike Yuma train in the first set in defense mode so as to prevent its destruction in battle. His face down card is a Trap Card Battle Break, which destroyed an attacking monster, if Astral should be in the end is unprotected. Astral is curious if Kaito can break through the defensive line.

Kaito is tuned and played reverse Buster (ATK 1500), which, through its effect on this train one of Astral's trap or magic cards sealed and it therefore impossible for them to activate. Next, Kaito takes Astral face-down monster (Gogogo Golem) to which automatically will be destroyed because of the second reverse effect of Buster. Since it has destroyed a defensive monster increase in reverse Busters ATK to 2000. Kaito puts a card face down and stopped his train.

Kaito and Astral are then briefly this week. Astral must admit that Kaito is the strongest duelist he ever met and always dueled with all your soul. Astral asks him how come so this drive. Astral suspects a connection to his hunt for the card numbers. Kaito says that he would not need to talk to someone about it would disappear at any moment. Astral is sad because this is similar to Kaito would Yuma. Yuma had a deep hidden grief in his heart, because of the loss of his parents. However, he would never give up because his parents taught him this. Thus, he would always be on for this duel. Astral suggested that Kaito had similar motivations. Kaito finds this ridiculous and he says he had nothing in common with Yuma. He had no parents solely Haruto and now he wants to continue the duel. after making astral his train and play Gogogo Giant (ATK 2000). Through its effect can astral Gogogo Golem call back to the field (DEF 1800), but giant in defense mode changes (DEF 0).

Astral could indeed now Utopia call but he fears the Kaito down card is already an answer should be or Galaxy Eyes faster calls therefore for now Astral will continue to defend. Next activates his magic card Astral Double Defender, allowing it to cancel an attack of his opponent while he has two monsters in defense mode. Last but not least puts a card face down and Astral completed his train. Kaito on the train and activates the hidden magic card photon Hurricane the astral all cards in the Spell and Trap Card Zone to his hand is sent back.

Kaito explains astral that he has thus made a big mistake Utopia not swear, because his situation looked otherwise different.

Next sacrifices Kaito reverse Buster for photon Leo (ICG 2100). Through its effect all the cards in Astral's hand will be returned to the deck, this is mixed and pull Astral has the same number of cards again.

Kaito is disappointed by Astral, since this seems to only know defense strategies and says that this just plays too scared.

Meanwhile, Yuma & Co. have the hide of Kaito reached harps on but the doors closed. By the light of his deck knows that Yuma Astral needed their help and hammered again and again and the doors.

Meanwhile, in a duel. Kaito's upgraded with photon photon Leo Spear of what this can do damage too even if the opponent's monster in defense mode. Photon then takes Leo Gogogo Giant at what Astral loses 2100 life points.

Meanwhile, Yuma give up on knocking on the doors, sinks to his knees and cursed himself that he could neither help nor Ryoga Astral. Kotori then goes on to Yuma, and gives him a blow that he has already given up. She asks him what to do if Yuma give up already. Yuma is right Kotori, and rises again. Together, the friends then try to pull on the doors and move to some aufzukriegen this is actually on this. As it turns out, Professor Ukyo hacked into the security system and so opened the door.

At the same time observed orbital 7 is just that he can his computer because of the Bugman viruses used are no longer accurate and that Yuma & Co. are broken into hiding. meanwhile said Kaito to Astral he was a good duelist but his heart was too weak for this fight so he should prefer to give up. But Astral refuses to give up. He has learned from Yuma that there is always hope, and then tells Yumas award.

Featured Duel: Astral vs. Kite TenjoEdit

Turn 1: Astral
Astral Sets "Gogogo Golem" (1800/1500) and "Battle Break".

Turn 2: Kite
Kite Normal Summons "Reverse Buster" (1500/0). It attacks the face-down "Gogogo Golem", which is destroyed via the effect of "Reverse Buster", without applying damage calculation. The other effect of "Reverse Buster" increase its ATK by 500, to 2000. Kite Sets a card.

Turn 3: Astral
Astral Normal Summons "Gogogo Giant" (2000/0). Its effect activates, Special Summoning the "Gogogo Golem" (1800/1500) from his Graveyard in Defense Position and switching itself to Defense Position. Next, he activates the Continuous Spell Card, "Double Defender", allowing him to, once per turn, negate one attack if he controls two monsters in face-up Defense Position. Then, he Sets a card.

Turn 4: Kite
Kite activates his face-down "Photon Hurricane", returning all of Astral's Spell and Trap Cards to his hand as Kite's hand contains more cards than the number of Set cards Astral had. After that, he Tributes "Reverse Buster" to Tribute Summon "Photon Leo" (2100/1100). Its effect activates, forcing Astral to shuffle all the cards in his hand back into his Deck and then draw the same amount of cards. Kite equips "Photon Leo" with "Photon Spear", giving it the piercing effect. It attacks and destroys "Gogogo Giant" (Astral 4000 → 1900).

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cardsEdit

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.



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