Number are type of archetype which iss consists of Xyz Monsters. It plays an important role in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL series. They appear to come from Astral World along with Astral. There are 100 of them which hold Astral's memories and over hunderd which fell out making up Astral's memories. They appear to be blank cards that take the form of what whoever finds them desires the most, design themselves to fit their original owner's Decks, and keep that form forever. Some Duelists may have more than one Number card that fit their Deck. They have the power to possesses a person and when engaged in battle with another number, they battle to absorb one another.

Memebers Edit

No. Monster Name
6 Chronomaly Atlandis
7 Lucky Straight
8 Heraldic King Genom-Heritage
9 Dyson Sphere
10 Illumiknight
11 Big Eye
12 Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja
15 Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder
16 Shock Master
17 Leviathan Dragon
19 Freezerdon
20 Giga-Brilliant
22 Franken
25 Force Focus
30 Acid Golem of Destruction
32 Shark Drake
33 Chronomaly Machu Mech
34 Terror-Byte
39 Utopia
40 Gimmick Puppet of Strings
42 Starship Galaxy Tomahawk
47 ???
50 Blackship of Corn
53 Heart-eartH
56 Goldrat
61 Volcasaurus
63 Shamoji Soldier
69 Heraldry God - Coat of Arms
72 Line Monster Chariot's Hisha
83 Galaxy Queen
88 Gimmick Puppet of Leo
91 Thunder Spark Dragon
92 Heart-eartH Dragon
96 Dark Mist
105 Burning Knuckler - Cestus the Meteor
106 Huge Rock Palm, Giant Hand
107 Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon
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